Air Conditioner, Why service?

When should I think about servicing my Air Conditioner?

This Weather had been a little crazy! I know you might not be using your Air Conditioning system right now, but you’re going to need it before you know it.Having a working air conditioner system is important, especially throughout those hot and humid summer weeks. You’d hate to be stuck dealing with air conditioner trouble on a day you really need it.

Scheduling air conditioning service before the system is in full use is the best way to ensure it runs smoothly.

Why Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Each Spring?

Your air conditioner has a lot of complex components that can run nonstop all summer. Early spring is usually the best time of the year to tune-up your air conditioner, that’s because you don’t really need it to run full time, yet.

You may think “It has been working fine in the spring and summer, why do I need to get it services?” A lot of problems can build up over the course of a season, here are three examples;

a) Problems with the blower motor that can lead to airflow issues.

b) Electrical troubles that cause problems like hard starting or complete system breakdowns.

c) Dirt building up that blocks heat exchange from the coils, leading to problems like freezing.

Air flow is vital to the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Keeping both coils clean and free from debris, will make sure your using the unit to its fullest capability.

Many of these problems go largely unnoticed. Until you have to call in a professional technician in the middle of a busy hot day. Having a spring tune-up allows you to have less hassle with possible problems.

During a maintenance appointment, a technician will complete a thorough inspection of your Air Conditioner equipment, along with providing a tune-up to improve efficiency—saving you money! You may need to schedule a separate appointment for any repairs, but trust us—it’s worth it!

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