Humidity In The Home

Not having the proper humidity level in your home can lead to things such as damaged wood doors, crown moulding, floors and furniture due to moisture loss. When dry air sucks out the needed moisture in your home, it can cause bubbling, gaps, cracks in wood and furniture, ruining home décor and causing extra expense on the repair and replacement of damages. One of the most sensible ways to minimize damage and extend the life of your home is to address the condition of your indoor air  and humidity.

A humidifier is a necessity during the winter because the heated air from a furnace is dry. Dry air has a low humidity level and absorbs moisture from you and everything inside your home. As a result, this makes you uncomfortable and wastes energy and money in the home heating system by trying to keep you warm.

Dry air doesn’t hold heat well so by adding a humidifier to your home, you will balance the humidity and make your home feel warmer. Adding a humidifier will also prevent your furnace from working overtime allowing you to keep your thermostat set at a lower temperature keeping your utility bills lower. Now, more than ever, we are spending more time inside of our homes making it important to invest in the comfort of our homes and families.

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